How Style a Wall Mirror

We recently redecorated our bedroom. It went from red and navy to shades of blue, green, and teal. You can see the pillows on my Instagram. Going into the redesign, I knew I wanted to incorporate a pair of vintage bird lithographs I purchased in an auction a few years ago. Here are the exact prints, purchased on EBTH. I have since replaced the mats with plain ivory to freshen them up.

I also had the vague idea that I wanted to make a focal point our of the wall our dresser is on. It’s a pretty long wall and currently looks a little boring with just a mirror over the dresser. It definitely needs some oomph. Of course, I turned to my trusty Pinterest to research ways to style a wall mirror. I found my inspiration in a James Farmer room. Specifically, his “Son’s Retreat” room from I believe the 2012 Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Showhouse . Not going to lie, when I first started our bedroom, I had an entire design plan based on this room. I ditched it after I fell in love with our now duvet. Although I did not end up using it, I may share the initial plan in a future post. The original James Farmer room can be seen here.

Where was I? Right. The inspiration. What I am going to end up using for our bedroom is the general layout—a mirror in the middle, bird prints on either side, with plates as accents.

I ordered our mirror a few weeks ago. It’s backordered and should be here next month. In the meantime, I wanted to do a mockup to sort through the layout and decide what additional elements I will need to pull it off. It’s a little blurry, but my version is below. The mirror is exactly the one I ordered. The dresser is on my wishlist. Other items are similar to mine, but not exact, as my items are all vintage, or I’ve had them so long they’ve sold out.

I love the layout and the focal point it creates. This is definitely a view I wouldn’t mind waking up to. The only thing I’m still debating is the lampshade. If I can find one, I think a pleated shade in a small block print would really finish off the look.

What are your favorite ways to style a wall mirror? Share them in the comments!

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