Skirted Tables : A fresh take on an old classic

We need to talk about skirted tables. I know— you probably just made an expression somewhere between 🤢 and 🤔. But look, skirted tables are not like they used to be. Bold colors and patterns have turned skirted tables into real show stoppers.

Mark D. Sikes blue skirted table
Mark D. Sikes
Sarah Bartholomew green skirted table
Sarah Bartholomew

Did those pictures get your attention? Good! Now, the ones in the pictures are, I’m sure, very expensive, custom, etc, etc. But, don’t worry. There are a few more budget friendly options to add a skirted table or two to your home. I’m going to share the method I took, then offer some ideas for alternatives based on your skill level/budget/patience.

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Ballard Designs

This is the route I went for a skirted table in our office. First, you need a base. Ballard used to offer two rectangular bases, but now just offers a circular base in three sizes.

Skirted table base
Essential Side Table from Ballard Designs

Next, you need a tablecloth. Ballard has several options in their site, so I would search for “tablecloth” and poke around. The option I went for is their Custom Tablecloth with its 350+ fabric options.

Want a glass topper? No problem. Ballard offers the option to bundle a base, plain tablecloth, and a glass topper here. They also sell the toppers separately. You might also be able to find something on Amazon.

In our office, I have a blue ticking stripe cloth from Ballard with a glass topper. Here is the table in our office (styling is going to be a whole other post—I’m still working on that piece of it.)

Other Options for Budget Friendly Skirted Tables

Again, these are dependent on your skill level/budget/patience. Just throwing them out there.

  • Use a table you already have that has seen better days
  • Sew a tablecloth using your favorite fabric
  • Search on Etsy for a custom tablecloth (AnnasHomeDecorStore offers this..have not ordered from there before)
  • Add trim or fringe along the bottom of a tablecloth
  • Check consignment shops for vintage tablecloths

With a little creativity, it’s absolutely possible to add a show stopping (and affordable!) skirted table to your home.

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