A James Farmer Inspired Bedroom

A few weeks back, I mentioned that my initial main bedroom plan was based on a room by James Farmer. While I did not end up using this plan, I thought I would share because I just like it so much. Truth be told, there is about a 90% chance this ends up being our guest room at some point.

Whenever I am trying to translate an inspiration room to real life, I have a specific process I follow. First, I start with choosing the five or so elements I most connect with. These become to base of my design. After I have chosen those things, I then add my own spin on everything else in the room.

For example, in this particular room, the color palette and mix of patterns and textures really speak to me. You can see that reflected in my picks—the plaid of the duvet with the cheetah print pillow, the green table lamp with the aqua mirror, and the texture of the bamboo chair. This is a very subjective process. Someone else could look at this room and they could be drawn to the zebra rug or antler chandelier. It’s really a matter of personal preference.

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Of course, no room is complete without a few finishing touches. If doing this room in real life, I would look for blue and white jars, a storage basket or two, and a few framed botanical prints.

Do you have a room you want to see get the look for less treatment? Send it to me along with the name of the designer at ang@angdecorates.com.

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