A Whole House Mood Board

The Problem

Do you know what bothers me? A lack of consistency. I very much don’t like when adjacent rooms look like they belong in two different houses. That might work for some people, but for me…not so much. Unfortunately, that is exactly the predicament I’ve found myself in. I feel like our rooms just don’t flow. So, of course, I’m setting out to rectify it. My goal for now is to create a cohesive color scheme and mood board to act as a roadmap in the process. It’s important to note that by “whole house” I mean our common areas. I am totally fine with the bedrooms having their own personalities.

Creating My Mood Board

My jumping off point is the color blue. Half of our first floor is painted Smoke by Benjamin Moore, and there’s no way I’m putting in the effort to repaint it. If you’ve ever painted an entire house—walls, trim, doors, etc.— I’m sure you can relate. I would be happy never seeing a paint brush again.

The next thing I need to think about is what colors go with blue? Our family room curtains are sage green, and I actually really like them. So, green is getting added into my scheme. My husband, S, really likes the color red, so I want to work that in as an accent color.

After I know the general colors I want to use, I think about what mood I want. Do I want our rooms to be light and bright or more moody? Do I want saturated colors or do I want them to be more muted? After a LOT of playing around with colors and fabrics, I think I finally ended up with a general plan.

The Solution

Blue green Mood board

What do you think? Personally, I’m in love with this mood board. It feels cheerful and bright without being very far out of my comfort zone. It also incorporates several prints I’ve been coveting for quite awhile. The only thing I am on the fence about is the peachy pink. I would like to do a grass cloth (or faux grass cloth) in our half bath in this color, but am worried it might be a little TOO feminine. I will have to think through that a little more.

In the meantime, has anyone else out there had issues with their rooms feeling disjointed?

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