How to Choose A Front Door Color

Changing your front door color is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to add some curb appeal. In fact, one of my very first projects when we bought our house was to paint the front door dark green. With so many options, trying to decide what front door color to use based on your house color can be a little overwhelming. It is tough to even know where to start.

Don’t worry though! Here’s where I come in. I put together a handy little cheat sheet and am going to show you some inspiration photos. I am also going to list specific color names to get you started. None of the colors I chose are very “out there” or intimidating. I kept the colors fairly classic. Disclaimer: Please PLEASE don’t choose a color blindly based on the paint colors I use here. These are examples to get you started. It is very important to swatch paint colors to find the best fit for your lighting situation and specific shade of your house.

First up, the cheat sheet. To use it, choose the big square that most closely resembles your house color. Front door color ideas are to the right of that. I will share specific color names and inspiration photos within each section. For the sake of consistency, all paint colors are Benjamin Moore.

Front door color guide

Front Door Colors for Yellow Houses

For a yellow house front door color, my picks are Lafayette Green (HC-135), Country Redwood (HC-183), and Yarmouth Blue (HC-150).

Front Door Colors for Blue Houses

For a blue house front door color, my picks are Hudson Bay (1680), Atmospheric (AF-500), and Neon Red (2087-10).

Front Door Colors Beige Houses

For a beige house, my picks are Raccoon Fur (2126-20), Stained Glass (CSP-685), and Gloucester Sage (HC-100).

Front Door Colors for Gray Houses

My picks for a gray house are Marblehead Gold (HC-11), Tucson Red (1300), and Chicago Blues (804).

Front Door Colors for Red and Brick Houses

For a brick house, my picks for a front door color are Avon Green (HC-126), Amherst Gray (HC-167), and Buxton Blue (HC-149).

Front Door Colors for Green Houses

Last but not least, my picks for a green house are Audubon Russet (HC-51), New London Burgundy (HC-61), and Tarrytown Green (HC-134).


Here is that cheat sheet again with swatches of my paint color picks to get you started with selecting your front door color. Is this a project you plan to tackle? What color did you pick? Share in the comments!

Front door colors

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  1. I remodeled my house last year and repainted it with my favorite yellow. It looks pretty good, I chose the paint color from the previous one to be brown. It’s great that the 2 colors combined make my house stand out from the outside, a bit rustic and modern at the same time.

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