Grandmillenial Spring Decor

I have a love/hate relationship with seasonal decor. I like to feel festive, but I really hate clutter. It’s a difficult line to walk. With Spring decor though, I tend to do a little more than normal.

Growing up in the South, we had seasons. Kind of. Basically, there were two seasons— really hot and slightly less hot. Maybe there was a 40 degree day thrown in there for fun. Since being in the Northeast, I’ve really enjoyed experiencing distinct seasons. Spring has quickly become my favorite. There is something so wonderful about watching nature “wake up” after months of darkness and cold. The sun starts to peek out earlier and earlier in the morning. Forsythia, cherry blossoms, then tulips start blooming. The ducks and swans that live around a pond near our house are out in flocks. It’s just great.

I know I run the risk of jinxing it by saying this, but Spring is finally making its way to New England. It’s supposed to be 60 tomorrow. 60! That’s practically shorts weather. The layer of snow we’ve had for the better part of two months is finally melting. In its place are my sad looking garden beds. While I wait for our shrubs to leaf out and our Dogwood tree to bloom, I’m focusing on bringing the new season inside with some Spring decor. Below are some of the things I have my eye on.

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