Blue and White Lamps Under $130

Blue and white pottery is a decor staple. It’s both versatile and classic. It’s traditional and feels fresh. It’s also neutral enough to fit with almost any color scheme. One easy way to use this design workhorse in your home is with blue and white lamps, such as in this room by Amy Berry. Note the lamp with the pleated lampshade on the side table.

Amy Berry Grandmillenial Living Room
Amy Berry

Here’s another inspiration pic, this time by Mark D. Sikes, the poster child for blue and white.

Mark D. Sikes

Gorgeous, right? Who wouldn’t want a blue and white lamp after seeing that?! True to form, I like to do things on kind of a budget. So, I’ve scoured the internet to find several affordable options so just about anyone can incorporate one (or two!) into their decor. In fact, all these blue and white lamps are less than $130/lamp ($260/pair). For added style, swap out the lampshade for a colorful pleated one.

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Aside from the options above, I highly recommend checking out your nearest Home Goods and TJ Maxx. I have seen blue and white Ralph Lauren lamps at different stores on multiple occasions.

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