10 Elements of Grandmillenial Style


Grandmillenial (aka granny chic) is a design style that has risen in popularity in recent years. But, what is it? You know that warm, familiar feeling you get when you walk into your grandparent’s house? It’s like that, but with a modern spin.

“This twist on traditional, originally dubbed grandmillennial style by House Beautiful, is the antidote to the mid-century modern interiors and minimalist, all-white spaces that have dominated our Instagram feeds for years now. “

“Raised during the mass market furniture explosion, they [millenials] are rebelling against the monochromatic catalog looks that they were raised with and are looking to earlier generations for inspiration.”

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Rooted in tradition, it’s a unique way of decorating. The best way I can think to explain it is that it is like throwing all the traditional design elements into a blender. Family heirlooms mix with modern lucite and wicker. Traditional fabric patterns are reimagined in bold colors. A pleated lampshade finishes off a glossy ceramic lamp. You get the idea.

Lilse avoids the trellis patterns of the late ’80s and early ’90s: “They remind me too much of my childhood, and I think there are better alternatives.” Avoiding overly precious patterns and styles keep the room feeling fresh. The key is to add something unexpected, like a waterfall console or abstract art.

One Kings Lane

Grandmillenial style also frequently uses a tight color palette within a room to keep all the elements feeling cohesive. By their nature, no two rooms are exactly alike. Grandmillenial rooms tend to be a reflection of their owners’ personalities and can vary in formality. However, no matter how unique these rooms are, there are several design elements that are used repeatedly in grandmillenial style.

Elements of Grandmillenial Style

After looking at about a hundred rooms, I’ve created a list of ten elements of grandmillenial style that I saw over and over.

Examples of Grandmillenial Style

The below examples beautifully combine multiple elements of grandmillenial style.

Mark D. Sikes living room

This room by Mark D. Sikes features several elements of grandmillenial style. Wicker chairs flank a sofa with patterned pillows. A swing arm sconce acts as a reading light. Blue and white pottery adorns the bookshelves. To the right, three plates sit above a door.

Sarah Bartholomew grandmillennial living room

Sarah Bartholomew expertly mixes several elements of grandmillenial style. Three cheerful patterns play nicely with a wicker chest. The white garden stool serves as a nod to modern style.

Caroline Gidiere grandmillenial living room

Designed by Caroline Gidiere, this living room is easily one of my top ten favorite rooms of all time. Two large statement mirrors sit on either side of the French door. Patterned pleated lampshades adorn two white lamps. A chintz settee is juxtaposed with a bold ikat pillow on an adjacent chair. To top it all off, the room is grounded with a natural fiber rug.

One Kings Lane grandmillenial style living room

This room, by One Kings Lane, is the room that sparked my interest in grandmillenial style. A color palette of red, yellow, blue, and green feels fresh. On the left of the fireplace, a wall bracket accentuates a blue and white jar. To the right is an assortment of blue and white plates.

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Are you a grandmillenial? Which elements do you incorporate in your home? Share in the comments!

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