Decorating with Wall Brackets

Remember this post about the elements of grandmillenial style? In it, I mentioned wall brackets as an element of grandmillenial style. To be quite honest, these are a relatively new discovery for me. They weren’t even on my radar a few years ago. But, now that I know what they are and have seen examples, I kind of love them and am planning on incorporating them in my decor.

So, I thought it would be fun to share what I’ve learned about this decorative shelving style in hopes I can convince a few other people to get on board with them, too.

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What are Wall Brackets?

Bracket style shelves are small, decorative shelves. They vary in style from ornate to very simple. No matter how elaborate, they’re usually just big enough to hold one item, like a vase. How many you use on a wall is completely up to you and what you’re displaying. I’ve seen them used as a pair, flanking a china cabinet to display artwork. I have also seen them used in large groups to display collections.

I bet some pictures would help, right?

Mark D. Sikes frequently uses bracket shelving in his designs. In the bedroom below, you can see three brackets over the dresser displaying floral sculptures.

Mark D. Sikes bedroom green
Mark D Sikes

Another example is this dining room by James Farmer. There are somewhat plain brackets displaying the artwork. In this example, they act almost like exclamation marks and draw attention to the art.

James Farmer Dining Room
James Farmer

In the living room below, Janie Molster Designs used different styles of wall brackets to display a collection of blue and white pottery.

Janie Molster Designs wall bracket display
Janie Molster Designs

Where Can I Buy Wall Brackets?

Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs has an assortment of bracket shelving. My favorite is the Bunny Williams Paris Bracket. I think it looks very similiar to shelving Mark D. Sikes frequently uses. It’s a pretty style, but not overly ornate.

Bunny Williams Paris Bracket
Bunny Williams Paris Bracket

A less formal option from Ballard Designs is the Suzanne Kasler Jacque Bracket. It comes in two finishes (white and wood) and in two sizes. It looks similar to one used in the Janie Molster Designs living room pictured above. Update 4/26: It now also comes in blue 🥳.

Suzanne Kasler wall bracket shelf
Suzanne Kasler Jacque Bracket


If you’re looking for something more ornate, but still relatively affordable, Wayfair is a good source. A few of their options are pictured below.

Wayfair bracket shelf
Astoria Grand Wall Shelf
Wall bracket shelf
Josepha Wall Shelf

Other Sources

In addition to Ballard and Wayfair, it is worth it to check out both Chairish and Etsy. Either of these sources are great if you’re looking for something vintage and/or really unique.

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