Tulipieres: Easy Floral Arranging

Tulipieres are a must have for those of us not blessed with innate floral arranging skills. I first discovered these a few years ago, and have had buying one on my to do list for quite awhile. After much research, I finally, finally bought one a few weeks ago. And, I have to say—I want a couple more in different styles.

So, what are tulipieres, exactly?

Simply put, they are decorative vessels with multiple spouts and a common reservoir for water originally designed for growing tulips indoors. The spouts also help with supporting fragile tulip stems. Tulipieres were incredibly popular in the 17th century and were considered to be status symbols. Today, the popularity of grandmillenial design has brought these vases back in style.

Cool…but why are they so great for lazy floral arrangements? Easy—the spouts. Add water to the reservoir. Add one (or a few) flowers per spout. Bam. You’re done. A practically instant centerpiece.

If you’re looking for something a little more in-depth, Martha Stewart discusses arranging flowers in tulipieres here.

Examples of Tulipieres

Green artichoke tulipiere vase
Source Unknown
Martha Stewart
Grandmillenial tulipieres tablescape
The Enchanted Home
Source Unknown

Aren’t they pretty? I like the added sculptural element versus a standard floral arrangement. As you can see from the photos, they also come in many shapes and sizes—making it easy to find one that will suit your decorating.

Where to Buy Them

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I spotted this wicker version from Amanda Lindroth and am in love. How great would this be as part of a Summer tablescape?

Wicker tulipiere

This green and white version is a nice alternative to the typical blue and white. It is available at Wayfair in multiple sizes.

Green tulipiere

This is the one I ended up purchasing. I absolutely adore the towering pagoda-esque tulipieres….but…cats. I needed something sturdy. It is from HeinenDelftsBlauw on Etsy. Their shop has several different styles and colors. Shipping was also wicked fast.

Delft tulipiere

I like the red in this one. It would be stunning as a holiday centerpiece. It is available at The Enchanted Home.

For something really different, you could try an artichoke shaped tulipiere, like this one.

White artichoke tulipiere vase

There is also a green version available here.

Green artichoke tulipiere vase

And, finally, this beauty from Frontgate. Talk about a showstopper!

Blue and white pagoda vase

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