Decorating With Natural Materials

Is your room feeling stuffy? Maybe a little lackluster? The first place I would start is with adding something made out of a natural material. Jute, sisal, bamboo, rattan, wicker—take your pick. The contrast between otherwise formal decor and the natural element gives the room a more modern feel.

Mark D. Sikes is the king of adding natural materials to rooms. Look at the armchairs in this living room.

Mark D Sikes neutral living room
Mark D. Sikes

Beautiful, right? The addition of the wicker adds a little bit of casual to an otherwise formal room.

Below is another Mark D. Sikes room. This one has a fun basket as a natural element. Do me a favor. Cover the basket with your thumb. Do you see how the room feels very formal? Now take your thumb off the basket. Notice how the room instantly feels a little more approachable? It’s subtle, but the basket definitely makes a difference.

Mark D Sikes blue living room

Ways to Incorporate Natural Materials

If I’ve managed to convince you that wicker is your new best friend, I have some great news. Adding natural elements materials to your decor is fairly simple. Below are three ways to incorporate this grandmillennial staple..

Add a Rug

Adding a natural fiber rug is a fantastic way to warm up a space. This dining room by M + M Design is a great example.

M + M light blue dining room
M+ M Design

Add a Basket

I am a huge fan of using pretty baskets as storage. They’re the perfect mix of functional and beautiful. In the vignette, by Caroline Gidiere, the more casual basket acts as a counterpoint to the more formal console table.

Caroline Gidiere entryway with basket
Caroline Gidiere

Add a Chair

Ok. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But look at these dining rooms by Mark D. Sikes. The addition of wicker chairs in a dining space feels unexpected and modern. If this isn’t quite your thing—an accent chair in a living space is a nice alternative.

Mark D Sikes Dining room
Mark D. Sikes
Mark D Sikes blue gingham grandmillennial dining room
Mark D Sikes

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