A Light, Bright, and Cheerful Eat-In Kitchen

Does anyone remember Polyvore? For those not familiar, it was basically a website for making mood boards. It had both home decor and clothes. I used to love going on there and playing around—virtually throwing things together to see what worked. I even used Polyvore to help decorate an old apartment.

As a I’ve learned—decorating an actual house is a lot different from randomly putting things together online. Heck, it’s even different from decorating an apartment. As in, actual money is at stake and I’m going to be here living with my choices for the foreseeable future. I’ve noticed I have been overthinking decorating decisions LOT lately. To try to get out of my funk, I started to create a virtual mood board using an app called Pic Monkey. No overthinking. Just putting together things I liked to see what I could come up with.

It was actually a fun undertaking, and I ended up with a cheerful design for a light, bright, and casual eat-in kitchen.

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Picture / Light / Floral Pillow / Beige Pillow / Red Pillow / Banquette / Table / Chair / Rug

Overall, I really like this design plan. I am planning to purchase the rug in the runner version for my own home. I also like the faux bamboo chairs quite a bit. I might try to find a way to work those in somewhere—maybe in a different color.

As I mentioned, I thought this was a really fun excercise. It was nice to just create a design without any stress. In fact, I think this might start to be a regular feature! If you’d like to see more, make sure to bookmark this link. Any future original design plans will show up there. Want to see a design for a specific room or color palette? Add it in the comments!

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