Designer Spotlight: Ashley Whittaker

So, here’s the thing. I initially wrote a post about five top grandmillennial designers. I love the style of each designer featured. However, I love the style of a LOT of other designers as well. I also like the idea of dedicating a FULL post to each designer whose style I admire so you can really appreciate their talent. I’m calling it Designer Spotlight. This week, as the inaugural post, I want to talk about Ashley Whittaker.

Not only is she CRAZY talented, she also designed one of my all-time favorite rooms. Are you ready for it?

Pale blue fireplace sitting area
Ashley Whittaker

It’s gorgeous, right? I’m obsessed with the masterful mix of all the different shades of blue.

In general, her style is very colorful, yet refined. She also uses TONS of pattern and is seemingly not scared of a lacquered wall. Within her signature colorful style, her designs range from bold, to earth toned, to colorful and playful to pastel. I’ll share some examples of each category below.


Ashley Whittaker dining room with red lacquer walls
Ashley Whittaker

How gorgeous is this aubergine colored living room?

Purple and green living room
Ashley Whittaker

Earth Toned

This study is more masculine and earth-y than the rooms pictured above. But, you can still spot her signature use of pattern.

Ashley Whittaker study with Orange and green
Ashley Whittaker

This living room is a lighter version of an earth toned color palette.

Green living room by Ashley Whittaker
Ashley Whittaker

Colorful and Playful

When I first saw this living room, I practically fell out of my chair.

Colorful living room with floral chinoiserie wallpaper
Ashley Whittaker

How fun is this dining room? The lavender, yellow, and aqua are all pulled together with the gorgeous wallpaper.

Colorful pastel dining room with chinoiserie wallpaper
Ashley Whittaker


If you ask me what my favorite color is, I will tell you “light gray-ish purple”. Super technical, right? It’s not a color you see used in design often. When I saw these two rooms, I knew I had to include them in this post.

I think lavender—let’s call it that— is hard to decorate with because it can skew very young very fast. But, being the master that she is, Ashley Whittaker uses it to create stunning rooms that don’t read childish at all.

Ashley Whittaker purple sitting room
Ashley Whittaker
Ashley Whittaker new traditional living room in purple
Ashley Whittaker

So, what do you think? Are you officially as big of an Ashley Whittaker fan as I am??

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