Summer Tablescapes Two Ways

It’s been radio silence for about a week over here because I was on vacation! I had mentioned in this post that I was planning a few trips to Florida, and this was one of them! I went to visit family for a few days. It feels great to be getting “back to normal” doesn’t it?? To be honest, I’m still exhausted from a late flight, so I’m keeping today’s post short and sharing two summer-y tablescape ideas I’ve been playing around with.

My grandma always has her table partially set. She puts out various seasonally appropriate chargers, placemats, and perfectly folded napkins (with rings, of course). It’s really given me an appreciation for a beautifully set table. Combine that with my new found love of block print table linens, and I’m just itching to order a few new items for my tabletop. I like options. So, I poked around a bit and came up with a couple of different tablescape ideas.

Both ideas use the same basic formula—a printed tablecloth, napkins in a different print, a charger or placemat, a fun napkin ring,and colored glassware. I am torn on which I prefer, but am leaning slightly toward Option 2.

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Option 1 – Tropical Inspired Blue

Tablecloth / Charger / Napkins / Napkin Rings / Glasses / Candleholders

The first option I came up with is mostly blue (big surprise, right?) and is fairly casual. I’m loving the monkey candle holders for adding a little bit of a fun element.

For a centerpiece, I could easily see tropical greenery. Kind of like this from West Elm.

Option 2-Warm and Luxe

My second option is warm-toned and feels a little more luxe with its shiny charger and blush tassel napkin ring. I chose the bamboo flatware to keep that summer-y feel.

Tablecloth / Flatware / Napkin Ring / Cups / Napkins / Charger

Which option do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I’ve got to say that I prefer option 1. Although the chargers and tassel napkin rings in option 2 are great – the monkey candle holders pushed option 1 over the finish line!

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