Should You Paint Your Wood Floors?

Oh boy. I can already tell this one might ruffle some feathers. Wood floors seem to be a huge selling point with houses. And I should know. I spend a lot of time on Zillow. Sidenote: If you haven’t seen it, the SNL millennial on Zillow sketch is pure gold. And also hit way too close to home. Where were we? Right. Most people like wood floors. But, what happens when they’re old, worn out, or just ugly? What about if you just plain hate them? Do you replace them? That’s expensive. What about painting wood floors?

In all fairness, I have not tried this. But, I honestly probably would in the right circumstances. Are you on the fence about it? Read on for lots of inspiration.

William McClure is a fabulous artist and even more gifted designer who seems to paint wood floors a lot. Like—a LOT.

Check out the striped floor in this kitchen. Isn’t it gorgeous? It looks like a rug, but is actually painted wood.

William McClure kitchen with blue and white painted wood floor
William McClure

Here is another William McClure room with the wood floor painted white. The blue border adds another layer of detail.

William McClure living room
William McClure

And, below is yet another William McClure room with—you guessed it—a painted wood floor. Stunning, right?

William McClure white painted wood floor
William McClure

Ok. Enough of that. Let’s look at some painted wood floors that have a little pattern.

I’m not sure who the designer of this space is, but isn’t the floor pretty? The checkerboard pattern in mustard is both unexpected and traditional.

Entryway with checkerboard wood floor

Again, not sure of the designer, but wow. This one is a little different—you can still see some of the wood.

Checkerboard painted floor

One more with a checkerboard pattern. Purely because this is my dream entryway. Source unknown.

Checkerboard painted wood floors in foyer

This design, by Heather Chadduck, is predominately wood with a painted border.

Heather Chadduck Southern Living Idea House 2019 Amelia Island

Last one—if you don’t want to commit to painting your entire floor, a painted stair runner could be an alternative. Doing this to our basement stairs on my home projects list. This pretty staircase photo is Apartment Therapy.

Blue Painted stair runner

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