Latest Vintage Finds: Purple Painting and Bird Prints

I go through shopping phases. Sometimes, I won’t buy anything for a few months, then I’ll find tons of good stuff all at once. This is one of those finding all the things times.

For example, I’ve been on the hunt for a small painting with lots of purples and lavenders to go in our living room for awhile. I finally found it on Etsy and bought this stunner.

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Vintage landscape painting

It hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t attest to the quality—but the shop itself has some great stuff. It’s called ScottishFound. Prices are very reasonable. Check out these bookends for $44!

Vintage ship boat bookends

Another recent Etsy purchase was this set of pretty paintings from Bungalow222. They were kind of an impulse purchase—I saw them on her Instagram, fell in love, and bought them without much thought or actually looking through her shop. What can I say? I have a thing for bird paintings and frames that are in cool shapes.

They arrived quickly and safely. Plus, they were packaged SO well for shipping—you can tell she really cares about the things she sells. I’ve since gone back and looked through the whole shop and whoa. Tons of great finds.

Check out this woven striped planter. It’s a little boho for me, but super cool.

Vintage striped rattan planter

And this conch shell bowl. Could easily see it as a catchall on a console table.

Vintage conch shell bowl

We also need to discuss this plant stand. I don’t think I’ve seen one like this. The tortoiseshell coloring is beautiful. This would be right at home in a lot of different decor styles.

Vintage tortoiseshell bamboo plant stand

Alright. Last one. I’m loving this little 5” tall ginger jar. It’s size makes it perfect for incorporating into a bookcase or shelf. Plus, it’s only $26.

Vintage red ginger jar

Do you like searching for vintage finds online? What are your favorite sources? Share in the comments!

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