Decorating with Chinoiserie Wallpaper Panels

Way back in this post about wallpaper, I mentioned that one way to decorate with wallpaper is to frame a panel and hang it like art. Personally, I like this look best when it’s done with chinoiserie wallpaper panels. As in—I have to consistently resist the urge to put one in every room of our home. For reference, because I know visuals help, I’m talking about something like this.

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Dining room with framed chinoiserie wallpaper panels
Jennifer Barron Interiors

Pretty, right? See how the wallpaper panels are framed then hung? Not only is it less expensive than wallpapering a whole room—you can also take them with you if you ever move.

Two of the most well known design houses creating this style of wallpaper are Gracie and de Gournay. They are both quite expensive. I’ve seen Gracie panels go for almost $3,000. Worth it? Probably. Realistic for most of us? Nope.

Don’t worry. Per usual, I’m going to share some inspiration then share some sources for getting something similar for way less.


Here’s another dining room with what looks like a few panels put together to create one large framed panel. This one is by Kara Cox.

Dining room with chinoiserie wallpaper panels
Kara Cox

And here are some framed Chinoiserie panels above a couch. I couldn’t find a source for this image. If anyone knows the designer—let me know in the comments!

Living room with chinoiserie panels

Most of the ones I’ve shared have been blue or green. This pink one is also really pretty. I love how it adds a little color to the space.

Cozy sitting area

The staircase below, designed by Mark D. Sikes, features several framed panels.

Mark D. Sikes entryway with Chinoiserie panels and a skirted table

And, finally, here is an example of of framed Chinoiserie wallpaper panels on either side of a bed. This might be my favorite room of the bunch.

Bedroom with upholstered blue headboard and framed chinoiserie wallpaper panels
Betsey Mosby

Get the Look

Hands down, I would start with checking Etsy. The shop chinoiseriehomedeco has over 2,000 sales and a five star rating. It looks like their panels run around $200-$400 each unframed. Handmadewallpapers also has five stars, though fewer sales. I put together a little widget with some of my favorite Etsy finds.

Caitlin Wilson also has some great, colorful, Chinoiserie inspired wallpapers.

Another affordable option is to buy an art print inspired by Chinoiserie wallpaper.

If you have your heart set on having something from Gracie, but a full panel isn’t in the cards, these are small versions of their full scale designs.

And, to wrap things up, If you are looking to splurge, these Gracie panels are gorgeous.

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous panels!
    You had me intrigued by your question regarding a source for the panels above the couch. If you do a reverse Google Image search of just the panels it leads you down a rabbit hole of amazing hand painted chinese wallpaper, but after image searching for the exact picture in your post what I think you have here likely came from this site:
    If you scroll waaaaay down to the second to last post about ‘who orders the furniture’ it kind of indicates that they decorated this room in Tennessee. 

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