Designer Spotlight: Maggie Griffin Design

Today’s Designer Spotlight is all about Maggie Griffin Design. I mentioned Maggie Griffin way back in my post about my favorite grandmillennial designers. There was a reason for that. I absolutely adore her work. It always strikes the perfect balance between beautiful and livable. I am all about gorgeous interiors (obviously), but something about being able to actually picture myself in a room just gets me. Browsing through their website, the design team includes Maggie (of course!), as well as a few other talented designers.

In general, their work has color, but they tend to be on the muted side. They also incorporate lots of neutrals. Their interiors are classic, but not stuffy. Added bonus: according to their website, Maggie Griffin Design offers e design services. I think testing that out just went on my bucket list.

Alright, enough of my gushing commentary. Let’s look at some rooms.

Remember how I mentioned the firm include a coupld talented designers? This living room is by one of them, Grace Brackman.

Grace Brackman interior design living room
Grace Brackman | Maggie Griffin Design

These were also designed by Grace. I really like her style. It seems kind of eclectic, but rooted in tradition.

Grace Brackman interior design
Grace Brackman | Maggie Griffin Design

This living room was designed by Maggie for herself. Personally, I like when designers share a few shots of their own homes. It’s fun to see how they decorate without having to worry about client input.

Maggie Griffin Design living room
Maggie Griffin

More Maggie Griffin. This time for a client. How gorgeous is that seafoam sofa??

Maggie Griffin design
Maggie Griffin

This living room is more on the formal side, but doesn’t feel stuffy.

Maggie Griffin Design
Maggie Griffin

See what I mean about livable? I could absolutely see family game nights spent here. This particular room reminds me a little of James T. Farmer’s style.

Maggie Griffin living room with plaid chairs
Maggie Griffin

What are your thoughts on Maggie Griffin Design? Do you have a designer you want to see featured? Share in the comments?

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