Design Must Have: Staffordshire Dogs

Anyone else binge Teenage Bounty Hunters on Netflix? If you did, you might have noticed an abundance of Staffordshire dogs in the Wesley home. Set designer Lance Totten even gave them a shout-out during an interview with Wiretap.

I was fascinated by how prevalent porcelain Staffordshire dogs seemed to be at all the estate sales we shopped in WASPy North Atlanta neighborhoods and high-end antique stores, so that quickly became a motif I leaned into almost to an excessive degree. I had to ease up on them at one point and make a “one pair per set” rule for myself. That being said, there is one pair of Staffordshire dogs in every room of that house set!


So, what are Staffordshire dogs? And, more importantly, where can you find them? Below is a screen grab from the show, also from Wiretap. You can spot a Staffordshire dog lamp in the background.

Staffordshire dog lamp from Teenage Bounty Hunters
Teenage Bounty Hunters

A Brief History of Staffordshire Dogs

At the most basic level, they are porcelain dog figurines. Popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, they served as status symbols, with pairs gracing the mantels and window sills of the Victorian elite. The figurines were frequently adorned with gold chains and lockets. While Spaniels were and are the most commonly seen breed, many other breeds were produced—including the Dalmatian and Pug.

For a more in depth history, as well as tips to spot originals versus reproductions, check out this article from Barneby’s.

Popularity Today

Thanks in large part to the grandmillennial design movement, Staffordshire dogs are making a comeback.

In this pretty sitting room, a pair of dogs sit on gold wall brackets.

Grandmillennial living room with toile couch with wall brackets
Sarah Lloyd Stevenson

Two small dogs adorn this wall cabinet.

Wall shelf decorated with green plates and Staffordshire dogs
Mary Spotswood Underwood

I’m loving the small Staffordshire dog tucked into this festive mantel design.

Grandmillennial holiday mantel
The Pink Clutch

I’ve mentioned my love for blue and white pottery several times. Obviously, I’m a little obsessed with this design.

Mantel decor with blue and white pottery and Staffordshire dogs
Meredith Krull

Get the look:

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