Designer Spotlight: Anna Louise Wolfe

Anna Louise Wolfe is an incredible interior designer. Her style is well curated and classic, with modern accents. I also adore her use of more muted colors.

Per her website’s bio, she is a former art historian and dog lover. I think these qualities show in her work—refined with a sense of practicality. Let’s take a look at some of her designs.

Personally, this is one of my favorite spaces from her portfolio. How great is the tablecloth in the below dining space?! The mix of patterns combined with the teal band at the bottom is swoon worthy.

Anna Louise Wolfe grandmillennial  dining room with skirted table and gingham curtains
Anna Louise Wolfe

I am OBSESSED with this statement mirror. It makes the whole space.

Anna Louise Wolfe chinoiserie bedroom vignette
Anna Louise Wolfe

Looking at her portfolio, she tends to use colorful sofas in her living rooms. The one below is no exception.

Grandmillennial living room
Anna Louise Wolfe

Repeating a pattern throughout a room is a staple of classic design. Here, Anna Louise Wolfe chooses a fun, bright fabric which helps keep the look feeling fresh instead of stuffy.

Anna Louise Wolfe grandmillennial bedroom
Anna Louise Wolfe

Pink can be tough to pull off in an adult space, but she does it very well. The use of emerald and mustard keep the room from feeling too sweet and precious.

Pink grandmillennial living room
Anna Louise Wolfe

Here is a lovely colorful vignette from what looks like the same room.

Anna Louise Wolfe vignette with turquoise foo dogs
Anna Louise Wolfe

Last one. I’m including this pic to showcase her versatility. Check out the modern bunching tables and more masculine vibes in this room.

Anna Louise Wolfe living room
Anna Louise Wolfe

Can you see why I adore her work so much? Ot’s very classically informed, but updated for today’s lifestyle. She uses gorgeous color palettes, AND has versatility.

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