About Me

I watched Marie Kondo’s show some time ago. Did it inspire me to go through my entire home, category by category, to sort through things? No. Not even close. It did, however, drive home the point of surrounding yourself with things you love—sort of an extension of quality over quantity.

Like most people, I don’t have an unlimited budget to make the whole quality thing happen. You won’t find any $5,000 sofas here. I have Ektorp couches from Ikea because, quite frankly, I really like the style and the fact that their slipcovers are machine washable. I have a Bowood pillow (which I had in my online cart for a solid three months before purchasing) on the same bed as Target sheets. You know…balance. And lots of searching for coupon codes.

I have been trying to define a purpose for this blog. What sets it apart from others. A tagline, if you will. Is it a budget decor blog? Not necessarily. It’s more of a “I’ll shell out for that if I’ve researched the heck out of it, know I’m getting a decent deal, I’m not compromising on the features I want, I absolutely love it, and I can still feed my cats after buying it—but I’m also more than okay with an Ikea couch and Target sheets” kind of blog. So, I guess my tagline is this: Maximizing Joy on a Budget.

Do I know everything about design? Nope. Opposite. I’m learning and evolving as I go and I invite you to follow along.

My Aesthetic

I’m a Grandmillennial at heart, and love looking at formal spaces with lots of pattern. In real life, I have three pets that basically run my house, and I don’t like feeling like I live in a museum. I would say my style skews casual and livable, with a few formal accents. My husband, S, and I also both grew up near beaches and have a soft spot for all things nautical.