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You guys! I am so excited for today’s post and to share …
Pura Diffuser Review
I finally caved and bought the Pura diffuser I’ve been seeing everywhere. …
Design Inspiration: Statement Ceilings
I’ve been making a mental list of house projects to complete over …
Prime Day Picks
Happy Prime Day! There are some great home decor finds on sale …

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Hi, I’m Ang, a self-proclaimed grandmillennial. Raised in Florida; living in New England. In love with chintz and plaid. Perpetually on the search for decent red velvet cake and sweet tea. I’m a home decor enthusiast and enjoy the process of turning our house into a home.

10 Elements of Grandmillenial Style

Overview Grandmillenial (aka granny chic) is a design style that has risen in popularity in recent years. But, what is it? You know that warm, familiar feeling you get when you walk into your grandparent’s house? It’s like that, but with a modern spin. “This twist on traditional, originally dubbed grandmillennial style by House Beautiful, is the antidote…

Five Grandmillennial Designers You Should Know About

As I’ve mentioned several times, I am a huge fan of Grandmillennial design. It’s a combination of everything I love—antiques, wicker, chintz, and lots of pattern. Whenever I need some inspiration, there are several designers whose work I like to reference. Today, I’m sharing my five favorite grandmillennial designers. Caroline Gidiere Her style tends to…

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